RADIFY® for Mammograms

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women worldwide.
More than 200 million women are examined each year around the globe.

RADIFY® for Mammograms

AI can assist Radiologists improve the accuracy and reading of screening Mammography.

Mammography has been the frontline screening tool for breast cancer for decades. We’ve developed RADIFY® for mammograms as a clinical decision support tool for radiologists when screening for breast cancer.

Mammography relies on a specialist radiologist for interpretation.

RADIFY® use Case 1

Screening mammogram of a 53 year old female.

Left MLO view demonstrating two benign lesions detected by RADIFY® in the left mid and outer regions. Ultrasound confirmed benign mass and classified as BIRADS 3.

RADIFY® use Case 2

Screening mammogram of a 47 year old female.

Left breast MLO view demonstrating two lesions detected by RADIFY®. One benign lesion and a second mass with malignant features confirmed on ultrasound and biopsy.

Additional Tele-radiology support is provided by our team of radiologists through our RADIFY® Platform. Contact us for more details by completing the form below.

How we can help Radiologists:​

With the concurrent use of RADIFY® for mammography, we can improve the accuracy and effectiveness of detecting breast cancer.

  • Highlights regions of interest which can be compared on follow–up studies
  • Use to prioritise scans during case overload
  • Reducing turn-around -time will increase the number of patients served
  • Use as a triage system to identify patients most need of urgent care

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