The RATify platform allows for a prospective analysis of the AI’s performance in real-time once it has been deployed into an environment. Post market Surveillance (PMS) tool function for use in Post Market Surveillance (PMS), that qualified radiologists will use to review the images and AI output.

RATify Assurance Tool

The RATify AI Assurance and PMS tool securely records the feedback provided by the radiologist whether there is discordance or concordance with the AI annotations. This information is used to calculate and provide reports on RADIFY® AI (or other 3rd party CAD vendor) performance i.e., number of correct predictions, true positives, false positives, sensitivity, specificity, and AUC metrics. These metrics are also used to proactively monitor RADIFY® platform deployments and enables the ability to respond to any conditions or situations where an early intervention is required.


RADIFY® platform includes advanced cyber security technologies to ensure a safe and secure operating environment. RADIFY® conforms to ISO27001 as well as GDPR for data privacy protection.

All data communicated with or from RADIFY® platform is encrypted in transit and at rest using latest industry standard encryption technologies. All patient data is de-identified from the DICOM files as well as images prior to storage or processing.

All access to RADIFY® platform is restricted to named users with two-factor authentication option available on request. Full auditing is available on all aspects of RADIFY® platform.

Administrative access to all RADIFY® platform components is restricted to authorised users only with full activity logs enforced. RADIFY® platform components are run as non-privileged users and architected as a collection of loosely coupled containerised microservices.

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