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RATify Assurance Tool

RATify facilitates the creation of new AI tools while also validating and monitoring third-party AI solutions. It supplants conventional research methodologies with retrospective evaluation and real-time auditing, enabling the generation of scientific evidence and analysis of various AI solutions for quality assurance. Positioning explainable AI at the forefront, with physicians leading patient care and ensuring the safety of AI applications.

Why should you use RATify?

Responsible and evidence-based AI: 5 years on

“The answer to our current health crisis is AI; AI is better than doctors and we should be using it now.” and “AI is completely different, we’re not ready for it and it’s a Wild West out there…” Do these statements sound familiar? Conversations around artificial intelligence (AI) in health care are often marked by a surprising level of confidence and polarisation.


RADIFY® platform includes advanced cyber security technologies to ensure a safe and secure operating environment. RADIFY® conforms to ISO27001 as well as GDPR for data privacy protection.

All data communicated with or from RADIFY® platform is encrypted in transit and at rest using latest industry standard encryption technologies. All patient data is de-identified from the DICOM files as well as images prior to storage or processing.

All access to RADIFY® platform is restricted to named users with two-factor authentication option available on request. Full auditing is available on all aspects of RADIFY® platform.

Administrative access to all RADIFY® platform components is restricted to authorised users only with full activity logs enforced. RADIFY® platform components are run as non-privileged users and architected as a collection of loosely coupled containerised microservices.

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